Biography of Ahmad Adly Fairuz

Biography of Ahmad Adly Fairuz
Full name: Ahmad Adly Fairuz
Born: 14 April 1987 (age 24)
Place of Birth: Jakarta, Indonesia
Profession: Actor, singer
Religion: Islam


The eldest of five brothers pair H. Agus irianto and Hj. This Lutfiah entered the entertainment world started from inadvertence when delivering his brother casting a soap opera. He also offered to participate and qualify. Adly is a soap opera acting debut FTV Friends Friends Love. Name skyrocketed after playing together Shireen Sungkar and Teuku Wisnu role in Cinta Fitri.

Ahmad Adly Fairuz

Adly indeed been playing music since childhood. Even with some friends, he joined a band. Adly ability in music has been proven by winning. Adly with Mama Lutfiah who bagged 147 votes, followed by Indra L Bruggman Mama Mimi (144 votes) and Yadi Sembako Mama and Suhana (80 votes).

Adly Fairuz prove his talent to sing. In Coblos love ost album, he could bring the two songs blend Storm (kerispatih) well. The song is Let It Flow, which will be the lead single from this album and song Victory. “A little bit amazed when I offered to take part in this project. It feels like a dream wrote. Maybe it’s thanks to the prayers of the parents and all that close to me, “she blurted proud. “There are two scenes that I made as a sound track to this song. And the sound track was sung by by Adly who I’ve known for a long time.

Adly character that I know, make a song that I wrote for fit for him, “said keyboardist Keri Hilson is relaxed. Apparently friendship between Storm and Adly has presented a captivating sound output. Adly character quite clear at the hearing in her pop contaminated with synthesizer sounds. “The storm is quite understand my character. So the song that he made, so dibawain I wrote fitting. And I’m excited about the songs could ngebawain him, “said the guy who also picked to play in this movie.

Currently Adly Fairuz also an endorser Dadung, product PT mondrian reply zoom sporty. Endorser is another term for profile image or ambassadors of dadung. Usually if there is a new outlet dadung opened, Adly will come when its inauguration. Besides as an endorser, Adly also be advertising some product models.

FTV and Soap Opera

  • Friends Friends Love
  • Vote for Love
  • Cewekku Super Clean
  • Filmography
  • Flower Virgin (2009)
  • Azizah
  • Cinta Fitri 1
  • Cinta Fitri 2
  • Cinta Fitri 3
  • Cinta Fitri 4
  • Cinta Fitri 5
  • Cinta Fitri 6
  • Cinta Fitri 7
  • Zahra
  • Red white

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